MARS – Traffic System COMEX October, 2020

Throughout the Month of October, Army and Air Force MARS will be originating ICS-213 messages, which will be relayed into the traffic system for routing to the addressee. For most traffic operators, these will appear as standard radiograms, with perhaps some additional information and op notes attached.

Some messages will be injected into the traffic system at the local/section level, some will arrive via the RRI-Winlink gateways, and yet others may be transferred via the Digital Traffic Network (DTN).

Do not expect large quantities of traffic. However, if you encounter one of these messages please be sure to ensure timely and proper relay/delivery of the message.

Below, one will find a link to an Exercise Plan document providing a summary of the process. Links to additional documents are included in the plan. Please note that a couple of these overview documents are primarily intended for MARS operators or others who aren’t fully familiar with the topology, methods and practices used in the traffic system. Nonetheless, they may be helpful to traffic operators.

Click to access Exercise-Plan-MARS-COMEX-Interoperability-Exercise-2020-10.pdf

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