Updated Traffic Net Directory Available

The Radio-Relay Traffic Net Database has been updated as of 6/27/2020. Thank you to those who have submitted information to build this database. Since this database is not updated “on-demand”, we need you to submit any information prior to publication. The target dates for publication are: the last week of March, the week prior to Field Day (June), the week prior to Labor Day (August) and the week after Thanksgiving (November). Currently, we will produce this as a PDF document for easy printing. In the future, we are planning to make it available as a searchable online resource. This directory lists active traffic nets in North America, Europe and Oceania, no matter the affiliation. Whether you are a newcomer to traffic handling, or a well-seasoned veteran, this will make it easier to find a net near you that can handle traffic. It is up to you to create or relay messages for the system. The database is sorted first by Area (EU, OC, EAN, CAN, WAN), then by Region, then by State, then by Time (Time Zone is local or Zulu). If a Net Manager is known, then their call and email address are listed. As always, if you see something missing, changed or needs to be deleted please directly email Charles.Hargrove@Radio-Relay.org with the details and not to a mailing list. http://radio-relay.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/TrafficNets.pdf

RRI Training On-Line Classes Scheduled for November, 2020

In keeping with our on-going cycle of public service communications training classes, Radio Relay International will be presenting the following classes during the month of November, 2020: Emergency Communications Planning (Class TR-006): This class introduces the student to basic disaster telecommunications theory, discusses the emergency management cycle and how its applied to telecommunications resources, how […]

Additional Webinar Scheduled – Intro to RRI and the Inter-national traffic system

Due to extremely high interest, we have scheduled a second session of our webinar entitled “Introduction to Radio Relay International and the Inter-national traffic system” to take place on Tuesday, October 13 from 1:00-PM to 3:30-PM EDT (1700Z to 1930Z).  The class covers the structure of the traffic system, its international affiliates, and the structure […]

Army MARS Messages via RRI-NTS Networks

All United States traffic operators are advised that U.S. Army MARS may be injecting Radiogram-ICS213 messages into the traffic system in advance of a planned interoperability exercise on a date(s) yet to be determined. Please distribute the following QNC announcement to all RRI and NTS traffic networks. Thank you: http://radio-relay.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/QNC-RADIOGRAM-ALL-US-TRAFFIC-OPS-311531Z-AUG-2020.pdf

Updated Emergency Plan Released

RRI has released its updated National Emergency Communications Response Guidelines. The updated plan includes changes made in response to stakeholder input and evaluation of several emergency exercises conducted over the past two years. A copy is available on our Publications Page at: http://radio-relay.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/RRI-NECRP-2020-8-1-Final-Approved.pdf

Additional RRI On-Line Training Classes Announced

In light of the very positive response to our on-going Radio Relay International training classes over the past two weeks, we are adding two additional classes to our curriculum. Registration for these classes is now open: Emergency Communications Planning: Wednesday, April 22, 17030Z to 2030Z. This class targets individuals and organizations involved in emergency communications […]