BULLETIN Florence // updated: Sept 13, 2018

An updated bulletin regarding Hurricane Florence has been posted to the RRI Publications Page. Please distribute to all RRI Registered Radio Operators, traffic system operators and emergency communications organizations:

BULLETIN Hurricane Florence (updated Sept 13 2018)

Additional bulletins will be forthcoming as more is known about the exact track of Florence and as the extent of anticipated impacts become known.

Save WWV

Save WWV and The Death of Old Time? – NIST Cutting WWV   This is another mind-bogglingly short sighted move to save a few budget dollars at the expense of an irreplaceable service. The U.S. government has been responsible as the nation’s clockmaster since the U.S. Navy established Naval Observatory Washington. As we’ve seen since […]


ZL1NZ posted this video record to You-Tube on Aug 14, 2018. From the description, It is a short recording from 20m featuring great signals from WB8WKQ and K6TOP, recorded at ZL1NZ/ZM50MAUQ. Each station sent and received formal traffic (although that’s not on this recording). Since this test, regular skeds were established and formal record traffic’s […]