About RRI

The Modern Approach to Traffic Handling and Emcomm

We love traffic handling and we love emcomm.  We’re Radio Relay International. We’re the leading traffic handling outfit for operators in the U.S.A. and Canada with affiliates worldwide including in the UK, EU, Oceania and beyond.

Decades of experience.  Proven leadership.  Quiet professionals doing our job. RRI is traffic handling the way it should be done with proven methods, new technology and a new sense of purpose.

  • High-frequency network topology and management
  • Standards and training for digital waveforms, radiotelephony and radiotelegraphy operations
  • Outreach and recruiting
  • Professional development through sponsored organs dedicated to traffic handling
  • Camaraderie, fellowship and recognition

Join us.  Email info@radio-relay.org and read about us at QNI the Traffic Handler’s Newsletter.

A Non-profit Organization

Radio Relay International, chartered and incorporated by the state of California, is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity operated in the public interest.  Contributions to RRI may be deductible expenses for federal and state income tax purposes; please consult your tax professional for advice.

Charitable, tax-deductible donations are gladly accepted here.


Articles of Incorporation


Expanded Affiliation Policy Approved v2

Digital Operations

Eastern Area (DRAFT) Terms of Reference

Central US RRI TOR v6

Western Area Staff Terms of Reference 2016v6

RRI Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/radiorelayinternational

An Open Letter to the Traffic Community May 9, 2022


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