National SOS Radio Network

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Click here for an introductory slide series explaining the National SOS Radio Network and the Neighborhood Hamwatch programs.


Broadcast-ready PSA of emergency instructions, suitable for radio and television stations in and around a disaster zone:

Public service announcement 30s (script)

Public service announcement 60s (script)

While preparing your emergency kit, go to Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Costco, Office Depot,  Staples, Target or another store and buy two or more FRS (Family Radio Service) walkie talkies.

Keep at least three sets of extra Alkaline batteries on hand for each radio. Rechargeable batteries cannot be charged if your electricity goes out.

Tune your radio to Channel 1. Turn OFF all privacy codes (the second number should read 0 or 00). This is usually the radio’s condition when batteries are first inserted.

Practice using the walkie talkies with your family and neighbors before the storm arrives. Plan what you are going to say and do in different situations.

If you find yourself trapped after a hurricane without a landline phone or cell phone that works, your FRS walkie talkie may be heard by rescuers in the area.

Keep extra FRS walkie talkies and extra Alkaline batteries in your home, boat and car.

In a REAL emergency, follow these 3 steps:

1) Turn on your FRS walkie talkie and tune it to Channel 1. Turn off any privacy codes. If possible, broadcast from outside or an upstairs room. Wait for a clear channel, state your your name, your exact locationand the nature of your emergency.  When possible, concentrate your transmission at the top of the hour.

2) Call for assistance twice. Say, for example: “Emergency! This is JohSmith. I am 12 miles South of Interstate 10 on Route 7 trying to evacuate. My car won’t startPlease send help.

3) Listen 3 minutes for an answer. If you don’t hear one, wait a while and try again.  If no response is heard, save your batteries bturning off your walkie talkie and wait until the top of the next hour to call again.

It’s as easy as 1... 2... 3...

Call for help on Channel 1 every hour. Call for assistance 2 times. Listen for 3 minutes.

National SOS Radio Network Flyers:

National_SOS_Flyer for hurricane_and flood_zones

National_SOS_Flyer for wildfire_and earthquake_zones

For more details on the Family Radio Service (FRS), visit

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