National Communication Strategy

The RRI National Communication Strategy links families, neighborhoods, and their local civic organizations with capable amateur radio clubs and RRI’s global message traffic network operations to supply communication when commercial circuits are unavailable.

Operationally, our plan leverages the renowned National SOS Radio Network  RRI’s official community service program, the more ambitious Family & Neighborhood Emergency Communication plan and the well respected Neighborhood HamWatch that recently joined forces with us to organize and link ubiquitous, low-cost FRS/GMRS radio users to highly skilled, highly capable amateur radio stations that specialize in formal, record traffic handling at a professional standard of performance.

Most importantly, by partnerning with carefully selected and trained radio clubs, citizens work with the very best amateur radio operators in their localities sharing their common interest in preparedness and training.  Radio clubs are the citizens’ entre to a vast array of knowledge, training and connections for radio technology, radio operations, emergency preparedness and more.

More details are being announced every week so watch this space for announcements. If you want to learn more, Download a PDF copy of our overview slide here or email to join our list!

RRI 2017 National Communication Strategy
RRI 2017 National Communication Strategy

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