Digital Traffic Network

RRI Digital Traffic Network Summer 2018
RRI Digital Traffic Network Summer 2018

The Digital Traffic Network is RRI’s backbone of automated hf Pactor stations in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Oceania.

DTN operates at Area and Regional levels while a large complement of part-time Digital Traffic Stations serve state and local nets as an adjunct to traditional phone and cw nets also operated or affiliated with RRI.

Today, DTN moves an impressive quantity of traffic not only across North America but into Europe and Oceania.

Conceptually, DTN is a point-to-point, semi-mesh topology network with a degree of built-in circuit redundancy.

DTN Hub-MBO Operations Conceptual Schematic

Starting in the summer of 2018, RRI took the leading role in managing bulk radiogram traffic in North America. Often called, unflatteringly, “spamgrams” we’ve established voluntary guidelines for all the principle originators of bulk traffic to minimize duplicate messages, achieve geographical and temporal diversity and, most importantly, to verify the viability of the recipient. We do this by encouraging “live contacts” by local clubs, special interest groups, contest sponsors, and the ever-present F.C.C. new licensee database extracts. In this way we’ve minimized delivery complaints, especially by eliminating SKs by asking for a prompting reason.

For a fuller description of the network, download our white paper RRI Digital Operations field manual.

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