Tech Tip: DR7400 settings loss under BPQ32 control

Submitted by Chuck Verdon W5KAV, Western Area Digital Manager RRI/DTN

As some of you know, I have had troubles with my SCS DR7400 connecting to my ICOM 746 PRO

if power is lost to the modem.


Unlike the older SCS modems the new Dragons do not have a battery, so if power is lost all the

settings in the Dragons are lost for the most part except what is in the EPROM within the Dragon …..


The problem lies when BPQ32 is brought back up after a power outage, For some reason the

commands in BPQ32 will not reset the DR7400 to address the Radio, unlike the DR7800

which has no problem.  Thus whatever frequency the radio is on, when the power outage

happens, is where the radio sits on frequency.  Besides that, the modem will not answer any

calls and states it’s busy.


Ken KD6PG has written a simple script so it can be fixed by using a terminal program.


Using a Terminal program log onto your 7400 and hit return to get to the CMD: Prompt

Then type  TRX:

Next type TY I 19200 104      Note: I is ( i )

This should set the 7400 to the ICOM at 19200 with a CIV address of  68

NOTE: CIV codes may very from ICOM to ICOM radios

Then type quit

Quit returns you to the CMD: prompt


This is only for the SCS DR7400 but may work for the DR7800 fi you have a problem


Hope this helps someone having the same problem as I am having.


73 Chuck W5KAV

Western Area Digital Manager RRI/DTN

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