SOLID COPY: New Members to Receive Radiograms

Originally published in SOLID COPY the CWops Newsletter.  Used by permission.
Submitted by Bob German KB4RGC

Being a ham since 1972 (CW ONLY), about 2 years ago I found I was burned out with rag chewing, DX chasing and contesting, so I started looking for something else.I found a little known niche in ham radio: traffic handling. Initially started by the ARRL, it is basically using ham radio to send radio-grams as a public service. It is used for everything from birthday greetings to health-and
welfare traffic in disasters.

The thing I like most about it: moving traffic through an intricate web of traffic nets all over the US and Canada (and now through Europe and Australia) makes you feel like a professional telegraph operator.
After becoming a CWops member I thought about sending a congratulatory radiogram to all new members on behalf of the organization. I started sending off a few emails to CWops Management and was prepared for a long wait for a reply. Not so. 30 minutes later I had a return email from Jim, N3JT and a few hours later we had a radiogram text ready and the details established.

The next evening the first radiogram was listed at the RRI East Coast net on 80 Meters and was on its way to California. If you are curious how a large CW traffic net with multiple control operators and traffic handlers on about two dozen frequencies move traffic and keep track of everything and you are in the Eastern part of the US, you can listen to the RRIE Net on 3552 kHz at 8 PM Eastern.

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