Silent Key: Jim Lasley, N0JL lifelong cw op

Submitted by Steve Miller, N0SM

Jim Lasley, N0JL, passed away Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics from complications of pneumonia and heart disease.  Jim loved cw of all kinds.   He had a heck of a collection of straight keys and bugs, had been an SKCC member,  ARRL Life Member,  served as Iowa Section Manager for many years, a member of CWoPs and FISTS, had assembled all the contacts and confirmations for DXCC though he never submitted the paperwork, served as manager of the Central Area (traffic) Net for several years,  and thoroughly enjoyed Field Day exercises for nearly all of his days as a ham.   The list goes on but this will give one a feel for his passion for amateur radio.  Jim was 68.

Jim is survived by his outstanding wife, and nine children.    His wife, Shari, is N0LDD.  Cards may be sent to her via the address.    No word on services at this time.

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