September TEX Available

Submitted by Steve K6JT

Howdy Friends of TEX,

The September/October version of the TEX/TSN/RN5 newsletter is available on the TEX website:

Contents include:

  1. Hurricane Harvey – Recap of Texas Activities
  2. New QNI Newsletter available on
  3. The Old Man and the Paper Boy, Part 1 by Scott N7NET
  4. TEX Mailbox – K4VIZ (Others in Hurricane Harvey story)
  5. TEX Net Duty Schedule and Roster
  6. August TEX Statistics – QTC 100, QNI 347, QTR 655
  7. September TEX Statistics – QTC 93, QNI 284, QTR 588
  8. Operating:  Hurricanes Irma and Maria news
  9. Central Area Composite statistics for August/September
  10. TSN Corner – Need Wednesday NCS.  Statistics: August QTC 9, QNI 25; September QTC 10, QNI 24
  11. RN5 Corner – News about W4DLZ, W4SU, W5CU, K5WNU, WA5CAV, KC4FL, KZ8Q, W8IM
  12. RN5 Statistics:  August QTC 89, QNI 285, QTR 481; September QTC 45, QNI 204, QTR 349  Duty Schedule and Roster updates

Daylight time ends Sunday, November 5.  All nets still at same local time, one hour later UTC.


Until December, enjoy Autumn!


Steve K6JT

TEX Manager


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