Save WWV

Save WWV


The Death of Old Time? – NIST Cutting WWV


This is another mind-bogglingly short sighted move to save a few budget dollars at the expense of an irreplaceable service. The U.S. government has been responsible as the nation’s clockmaster since the U.S. Navy established Naval Observatory Washington.

As we’ve seen since the popular rise of the Internet, the basic argument is that “you can get time elsewhere and over the net.”

Except when the “net” is down, of course.

Knowing accurate time is of vital importance to millions of people and must not be dependent on the fragile and commercial Internet. Put another way, the Internet is utterly dependent on the political whims of the day. One need only witness the relentless “deplatforming” of conservative websites to confirm American Freedom of Speech is really a privilege doled out with an iron fist. The Internet is absolutely under the control of the powers that be. Remain in their good graces or suffer the consequences.

It is not difficult to image such a consequence of being deprivation of Internet and thereby time and all modern communication.

This is the true and fundamental reason why ham radio must survive: it allows millions of earthlings to communicate without the good favor of the local government.

Read more about this proposed budget cut here.

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