RRI National Communication Strategy introduced

RRI introduced the National Communication Strategy today. Details are still being developed but it’s based on the National SOS Radio Network and recruits local ham clubs to implement a second layer using Neighborhood HamWatch‘s protocol.

Founded in 2005 by Eric Knight KB1EHE, the National SOS Radio Network is now RRI’s official community outreach program.

The National SOS Radio Network was recently adopted as RRI’s official community service program. Network founder Eric Knight, KB1EHE formed the Network in 2005 and now sits on RRI’s Board of Advisors.  NSRN is a proven concept, having saved lives in hurricanes and wildfires.

Neighborhood HamWatch was founded by Andy Gausz KG4QCD in 2009

Andy Gausz KG4QCD founded Neighborhood HamWatch to, “provide every licensed amateur radio operator in every community with a program they could follow to help their non-ham neighbors during times of emergency.”

RRI’s National Communication Strategy relies heavily on strong, local ham radio clubs to deliver the program to citizens with an interest in purposeful two-way radio.  They are expected to provide a high quality experience with vetted instructors, managers, and operators who will train citizens in the arts of radio relay.  Some will want more and this strategy will lead them to hf cw operations, making full use of the Technician class as the U.S.A.’s de facto entry to ham radio.

An RRI working committee was formed to take a closer look at the National Communication Strategy and design a flexible, customizable, powerful and consistent methodology for local implementation.  The committee’s initial report is planned for the end of September. Committee members represent a cross section from big city public safety professionals to neighborhood association members, all amateur radio operators with deep experience working with citizen laymen.

Stay tuned for more news. It’s developing quickly! Are you interested in helping beta test with us?  Send an email!

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