National SOS Radio Network Joins RRI

Radio Relay International is pleased to announce the adoption of the National SOS Radio Network as its community outreach program. NSRN’s founder, noted inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Eric Knight KB1EHE, further joins RRI as a member of the Board of Advisors.

“The National SOS Radio Network is proven concept and a perfect complement to our mission.” says RRI’s national chairman Joe Ames.

Knight is enthusiastic, “Thank you for your organization’s energies in re-birthing the National SOS Radio Network.  As a public outreach tool,  there are unlimited opportunities — indeed, only limited by our collective imagination.”

NSRN was founded in 2005, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  It has been used successfully after disasters ranging from hurricanes to wildfires.

The concept is elegant and simple, leveraging millions of FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies owned countrywide. During a communications emergency, “the basic recommendation is for citizens to set their FRS radios on Channel 1 and transmit their emergency needs, and for ham radio operators to tune their receivers to 462.5625 MHz, the frequency that corresponds to FRS Channel 1,” explains Knight. In this way, citizens can make contact with neighbors, perhaps even the neighborhood ham radio operator, whose equipment is better able to reach outside a disaster area. By concentrating on channel 1 at the top of the hour, resources are put to maximum advantage and critical battery power is conserved.

The National SOS Radio Network flyers and hand cards are being republished and may be downloaded at this link.  Get your copy for use in your neighborhood’s basic preparations.  Check back frequently over the next several weeks and months as new publications are made available.


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