SK: Bill Myers K6IFF, longtime traffic handler

Submitted by RRI’s founder Rob Griffin K6YR

Bill Myers, K6IFF, passed away on Thanksgiving Day, after an extended battle with cancer.

Bill was a longtime traffic-handler, who, after a number of years away from amateur radio, assumed an active role on the Sixth Region Net, Cycle 4, and as Los Angeles Section Traffic Manager, recruiting operators for the Southern California Net. He was also a faithful and well regarded long-haul CW traffic relay operator for the Radio Relay International and earlier under NTS.  The last day Bill was active on the nets was Thanksgiving Day 2016.

His hobby interests were diverse. Bill was an excellent amateur photographer, and a very proficient electronics technician. He gave special attention to the care of his station equipment and antenna, much of which he built himself or redesigned.

K6IFF may be a Silent Key, but his mark on the Amateur Radio Service will certainly be a standard for aspiring future operators.

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