Jan/Feb TEXAN newsletter available

This just in from RRI’s own K6JT:

Howdy Friends of TEX,

The January/February 2017 issue of the TEX / TSN / RN5 newsletter is available on the TEX website:

http://www.k6jt.com .

Contents include:

  1. Sorry for the delay (illness)
  2. Long skip abated somewhat
  3. 3 stories from Vic W7VSE:  OL Lead Pencil, Great Grandparents, and The MORSE Telegraph Network
  4. TEX Mailbox:  W5FEA, W6SX, K5RG, N5RL
  5. TEX Duty Roster and Member Roster (updates)
  6. TEX December 2016 Stats:  QNI 369, QTC 134, QTR 727 (W5FEA, W5DY, and K5GM highest QNI)
  7. TEX January 2017 Stats:  QNI 308, QTC 136, QTR 660
  8. Operating:  RRI Ops Manual Updates, Problems with Dropbox file links in March, December and January Central Area Composite Statistics
  9. TSN Corner:  Welcome to K8PKN, K3QZ, and welcome back to AC5BE, N5RL, KC0M and WD0ESF
  10. TSN Stats:  Dec QNI 67, QTC 16, 6 operators; Jan QNI 64, QTC 15, 11 operators
  11. TSN NCS, QNS list and Roster
  12. RN5 Corner:  WA4ZPZ is back now, W4DLZ injured from falling and heart issues, Use of Twitter, Yahoo groups TFC-OPS and RadioRelay
  13. RN5 Corner:  Duty and member Rosters, Stats:  Dec 62 sessions, QTC 112, QNI 286, QTR 431; Jan 36 sessions, QTC 80, QNI 285, QTR 418
  14. RN5 Corner:  Note only partial January Report received due to illness

Looking forward to Spring !

Steve K6JT,
Manager TEX

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