IATN Traffic Report Sept 2017

Submitted by Jan K1NN, Manager IATN-East


Dear All:

Attached please find our September IATN-East report, and also the latest version of our contact info sheet.

If you prefer to not receive mailings such as this one, please contact me about that, and I’ll take you off the list.

If you are one who has worked an IATN or TCC sked in the past who is not presently doing so due to schedule or equipment problems, please let me know if your circumstances have changed for the better, and if you would like another go at it.

Welcome to Tom, K8BKM, who has taken on the regular Friday Bravo, in cahoots with Jim, K9JM, out in Grass Valley.  Tom will be needing subs to support his work travel needs, so let’s all help him out when asked.  Thank you, Tom.

Traffic seemed to be down in general this past month, from my viewpoint.

The issue regarding emailing message traffic did come up.  For what it’s worth, I would appreciate it if you would not include emailed or texted or telephone messages sent or received in your sked report totals.  I will also not count skeds as ‘met’ if the only meeting was via email, texting or telephoning.  I will count the sked as ‘met’ if actual on air contact was made, even if no traffic was passed, for whatever reason.

Also, my view is that a sked is not completed until I get an actual report on it, preferably from the IATN-East operator who worked it.

Our IATN-East work obviously is all volunteer.  In reference to the above pronouncements, please understand that I am not ‘telling anybody what to do.’  I’m just asking, and I certainly open to suggestions for improvement or for changes.

I believe the IATN-East operators can feel great about the work each and every one is doing.  I certainly do.

Thanks for making my job as clerk/manager easier and more pleasant than it might be.

See you on the air.


Jan, K1NN

IATN-East, Manager

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