IATN (TCC) Report December 2016



Attached is RRI-East’s IATN (TCC) Report for December 2016 both in pdf format.

I’d like to take an opportunity to thank all those involved in this month’s IATN work.  Not that any month is more important than another, but to achieve a 90% success rate in probably the worst conditions I’ve ever seen for passing traffic across the country, is monumental.  It not only highlights our fine operator’s abilities, it shows their persistence.  Getting traffic passed in December of 2016 was not just a challenge, it was at times an impossibility.  But, the perseverance of the “best in the business” was on display this month.

If you think my saying of “it’s an honor to work with the best” is cliché, then you didn’t try and pass traffic in December!

Thank you one and all for your incredible efforts.

It IS an honor to work with the best!

Jeff Miller WB8WKQ

Avid Radio Relay International Participant.

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