Holiday Season Radiograms

Radio Relay International would like to invite radio amateurs to send a holiday greeting radiogram via the traffic system. If you follow these instructions, your Christmas radiogram will be delivered on a special Christmas radiogram form, a sample of which, as formatted for delivery, is shown.

Holiday radiograms can be originated by checking into a nearby traffic net. An up-to-date net directory can be found here:…/Traffic-Net-Directory-2020-6.pdf   If you are unfamiliar with the radiogram format or net procedures, net members will be glad to help.

If you are equipped for Winlink operation, you can also use the “RRI Radiogram” template in the RMS forms folder (do not use the “RRI Radiogram-ICS213 template). This radiogram template will walk you through the process of formatting a proper radiogram. The software will prompt you to correct any errors.

When originating your radiogram, please be sure to follow these recommendations:

1. Include an up-to-date phone number and an e-mail in the address field.

2. Include an “op note” stating: “Op note please deliver using RRI Radiogram Form 1801/Christmas.”

3. Keep your text simple. 25 words or less is the recommended limit for routine radiograms.

Remember that traffic operators are volunteers. Unlike during a communications emergency, our volunteers will not typically cancel family gatherings or other personal commitments to participate in nets, therefore, please don’t wait until the last minute to originate your holiday greeting radiogram.

Radio Relay International volunteers have spent the past five years modernizing and improving the former National Traffic System. Why not take advantage of these efforts by originating a radiogram this Christmas Season? Learn more about Radio Relay International at:

Sample Holiday Radiogram formatted for delivery.

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