Fillable ICS-213 compliant radiogram form now available

RRI took the initiative to created the first fully ICS-213 compliant radiogram form that, with minimal modification,

  • maintains complete mode/medium interoperability,
  • contains network management information and
  • includes full “audit trail” data
  • uses standard radiogram procedures

This is possible thanks to the standard radiogram’s perfection by a century of use by amateur, commercial, maritime and military traffic networks.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” and we could not agree more!

RRI the ICS radiogram to the next level by producing this Adobe Reader “fillable” version as demanded by our corps of active trafficmen for many years.

RRI Form 1703 ICS Final Approved No Lines FILLABLE

PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATION MANAGERS WILL LOVE THAT RRI radiogram forms are completely interoperable with voice, morse code, courier, telephone, fax, and all digital modes by an intelligent, modest expansion of the standard radiogram form that does not require retraining or tedious, bandwidth consuming explanations.

Download your copy today and put it to use in your unit!

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