VK: Chinese Whispers Championship Contest

Here’s a great idea from Down Under, the “Chinese Whisper Championship.” It’s a contest that rewards accuracy and is based on traditional ham radio traffic handling!

Check it out here: 

Chinese Whispers Championship


  • Communicators Without Borders

Chinese Whispers Championship (CWC) is a weekly event taking place for one hour on Saturday on 40m CW and one hour on Sunday on 20m CW. Each month the totals for that month determine the CW Championship winners.

While most amateur radio contests used to evolve around stamina although these days they often evolve around button pushing and automation, the Chinese Whispers Championship measures accuracy and skill in the sending, receiving and relay of messages.

Points are scored for each message sent or received in a certain format (called a QTC) with penalties for inaccuracies or omissions.

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