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5 December 2019

New York University Petition for FCC Declaratory Ruling

As many of you know, New York University has, for some time now, attempted to shut down the Winlink system, largely through the instrumentation of its “NYU Wireless” advocacy organization, which normally represents large commercial telecommunications common carriers.

In their attempts to eliminate Winlink, NYU has submitted a Petition for Declaratory Ruling to the FCC, which places numerous digital modes and networks at risk.

  • Modes affected include, but are not necessarily limited to; PACTOR, WINMOR, VARA, NBEMS…and others.
  • Activities affected include public service/emergency communications, traffic handling, and experimentation.
  • Organizations affected include RRI (Digital Traffic Network), NTS, ARES, RACES, AUXCOMM, etc.
    This is where you come in!

We respectfully ask that all traffic handlers and those involved in public service communications file comments in support of the RRI and ARSF filings. This is easily done by following these simple instructions:

  • Go to the FCC Electronic Comment Filing Service at:  https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express
  • Enter “16-239” (“Amateur Baud Rate”)  in the “Proceedings Field.”
  • Complete the minimum personal contact information (name, address, email).
  • Enter your comment in support of the Radio Relay International and Amateur Radio Safety Foundation responses to the NYU Petition.
    A typical comment might be as simple as:

“After reviewing the claims contained within the New York University Petition for Declaratory Ruling, it is my opinion that their case lacks merit. I agree with the responses filed by the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation and Radio Relay International and therefore recommend that the NYU Petition for Declaratory Ruling be dismissed with prejudice………..”

One should:

  • Use his own words. Remember that comments will not be read by radio amateurs or technical people.
  • Avoid the use of technical jargon and instead, stress factors such as the importance of these digital modes to public service communications.
  • Point out the negative impacts of the NYU petition on public service and emergency communications.
  • Point out the fact that you agree with RRI and ARSF in that dynamic compression is not encryption.
  • Point out the fact that the NYU petition is regressive and unnecessary.
  • State that you have witnessed no national security issues or other significant abuses of these digital modes.
  • Be logical, concise and unemotional in your comments. Exercise decorum and courtesy at all times. Remember that your tone will reflect on the Amateur Radio Service and the organizations you support.

You will need to act by December 15.

Do not let New York University dictate the scope of our privileges and activities within the Amateur Radio Service!  Take the time to file comments.

Thank you,

Board of Directors,Radio Relay Internationalwww.radio-relay.org

P.S. These are links to the documents discussed above:

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Past RRI filing in reference to RM-11831

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