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Radio Relay International is pleased to announce Robert B. Famiglio, Esq., K3RF of Media, Pennsylvania was unanimously confirmed as its solicitor by the board of directors at its recent meeting. Bob will serve pro bono as our legal counsel bringing a wealth of legal, radio industry, and public service expertise to our RRI team.

Famiglio has a long career in amateur radio, first licensed in 1967. He is a graduate electrical engineer and an attorney licensed to practice law in several states and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  An ARRL member of more than fifty years, he served as the elected section manager for eastern Pennsylvania until winning a hotly contested race for a three year term as vice director of the Atlantic division in 2014.

An traffic handler himself, Famiglio is a staunch proponent of a nationally recognized, disaster communication role for amateur radio’s traffic system.  A champion of radio amateurs, he serves tirelessly assisting hams and their clubs with legal issues faced with antenna battles, interference disputes, and the many concerns facing hams today.

A graduate of the Pennsylvania Fire Academy, Famiglio is as an active officer with his town’s volunteer fire company, providing first responder fire and rescue services. In addition to wearing those hats, he is an appointed public safety radio officer and provides land mobile radio consulting for his fire company and his county’s fire and EMS radio service.

Said RRI’s chairman Joe Ames W3JY, a long-time friend and colleague, “Bob’s an incredibly talented, driven man. He understands radio and he understands public service because he lives the life. We couldn’t be happier he signed on with RRI.”


RRI is the leading traffic handling outfit for operators in the U.S.A. and Canada with affiliates worldwide including in the UK, EU, Oceania, and beyond. By supporting the communication needs of local residents (see RRI’s National Communication Strategy and the highly regarded National SOS Radio Network program) our goal is to introduce Americans, especially young people, to ham radio via the purposeful use of two-way radio in their own homes and neighborhoods.

“Decades of experience.” “Proven leadership.” “Quiet professionals doing their job.” RRI is traffic handling the way it should be done with proven methods, new technology and a new sense of purpose.

  • High-frequency network topology and management
  • Standards and training for digital waveforms, radiotelephony and radiotelegraphy operations
  • Outreach and recruiting
  • Professional development through sponsored organs dedicated to traffic handling
  • Camaraderie, fellowship and recognition

Radio Relay International is chartered and incorporated by the state of California. It an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity operated in the public interest.  Contributions to RRI may be deductible expenses for federal and state income tax purposes; please consult your tax professional for advice.

HamRadioNow’s David Goldenberg interviews RRI spokemen Joe Ames and Jim Wades on their March 8, 2018 webcast. Watch it at https://www.hamradionow.tv/episodes/2018/3/8/hrn-394-radio-relay-international


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