Help support amateur radio traffic handling by registering your station — or your net — as an official Radio Relay International registered affiliate!

Stations get a nifty certificate and are eligible to access RRI training programs, exercises, and leadership opportunities.

Nets become part of the only ham organization in North America devoted to traffic handling be it via cw, fone, or digital on any band.


Download and complete this form to register your station today.


Net Managers complete and return the Annual Registration Request for by clicking here..


Radio Relay International offers a Mentoring Program. Radio Relay International registered radio operators are invited to submit a mentor application. They will then be assigned to new operators who wish to become proficient in traffic net operations.

Mentors should exhibit the highest standards in decorum, courtesy and operating practices. When applying to be a mentor, one is asked to indicate the modes with which he is proficient in the traffic operations environment. He is also asked to indicate those nets with which he is active.

Mentors provide one-on-one guidance to new operators wishing to develop proficient traffic handling skills. Using RRI publications such as the RRI Training Manual, the RRI Field Manual and associated power point materials, mentors will be able to refer new operators to appropriate reference materials explaining standards and operating procedures. One-on-one communications, either in-person, via telephone, e-mail or radio will facilitate and encourage initial participation in nets and ensure the new operator obtains proper advice.

Experienced traffic operators wishing to serve as mentors may complete the “RRI Mentor Application” They will then be added to a database of qualified mentors. The RRI Training Manager will then assign the mentor to a new operator in his area as students become available.

Those who are new to nets and who would like to receive instruction may also fill out the “RRI Student Application” to request assistance.