Pennsylvania Traffic Net Luncheon

The Pennsylvania Traffic Net’s FB and RRI registered operators met for lunch on Friday, September 29, 2017. Enjoying the camaraderie and fraternity of traffic handling were Tom Mills AF4NC, Pete Young K3IN, Dave Heller K3TX, Bob Hecht N3AAK, and Scott Walker N3SW.

Photo by AF4NC

PTN luncheon Sept 29 with AF4NC, K3IN, K3TX, N3AAK and N3SW

Pennsylvanians: Join the Traffic Corps
QNI PTN Today!

3585 kHz 

1900 Eastern Time

  • Slow speed session.
  • New ops welcome.
  • Experience the spirit of the much missed Penna Training and Traffic Net “PTTN.”

2200 Eastern Time

  • High speed session.
  • Mainly for experienced ops but all are welcome here, too.  
  • FB NCS will QRS if your key is rusty!


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