Holiday Season Radiograms

The holidays are a great time to send radiograms to friends or relatives.

Recommendations for origination are:

1. Include a current telephone number and email address for the recipient with your origination.

2. Use an “ARL Numbered Radiogram” such as “ARL Sixty One” or keep your text concise. Less than 25 words is recommended for routine radiograms.

3. If the preamble contains an email address, add an “operator note” such as “please deliver using RRI form 1801 Christmas.”

Recommendations for delivery:

1. Follow-up telephone delivery with an email delivery of the radiogram. Use “RRI Form 1801-Christmas (pictured)” available at:…/RRI-Radiogram-Form-1801… This form is a fillable PDF that can be printed as a PDF or paper copy for delivery.

2. If an originator doesn’t provide a telephone number or email address, the message can be serviced back or one may mail the radiogram via the postal service.

The RRI Holiday radiogram form pictured offers a neat, professional method for radiogram delivery. All RRI radiogram forms also include, on the back side, a simple explanation of the traffic system and amateur radio emergency communications.

If you are an inexperienced operator, please indicate so when checking into a net. The net control station will then pair you up with an experienced operator to assist you with formatting or transmission methods.

Happy Holidays to all from Radio Relay International!

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