Neighborhood HamWatch

Neighborhood HamWatch was founded by Andy Gausz KG4QCD in 2009

Neighborhood HamWatch is RRI’s officially endorsed community service program. It is closely aligned, and overlaps with the National SOS Radio Network Program.

Local radio clubs serve as an effective liaison between the general public and our North American HF messaging system and emergency services via local Amateur Radio Service EmComm Networks.  With Neighborhood HamWatch, clubs return to their traditional community-based role in emergency and disaster communication.

The original NHW website is down but archived on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Here are PDF files of the professionally designed materials used by program participants:

Click here for an introductory slide series explaining the National SOS Radio Network and the Neighborhood Hamwatch programs.

Neighborhood Hamwatch Brochure Update 2021-8-9

NHW_WindowSign Rev 2021-8-9

NHW_Getting_Started Rev 2021-8-9

Here are links to an RRI affiliated Neighborhood HamWatch program rolling out in Maine:

Web Page Describing a HamWatch Program .

Neighborhood HamWatch for Knox County Draft Document.

Postcard Notice Informing Residents of HamWatch Program.

See our National Communications Strategy infographic here.

Neighborhood HamWatch PowerPoint.

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