New Slide Series – “Portable Emergency Communications” TR-004

RRI continues to expand its list of on-line training materials. Our most recent addition is a slide series entitled “Portable Emergency Communications,” a link to which is provided below. Check the “Publications” section of the web page for a copy of our training manual, field manual and other training and operational information:

New slide series – Introduction to the National SOS Radio Network and Neighborhood Hamwatch programs

A brief introductory power-point training program explaining the purpose and structure of the National SOS Radio Network and Neighborhood Hamwatch programs is now available. These programs are designed to enhance neighborhood emergency communications preparedness while increasing the efficiency of local Amateur Radio Service emergency communications programs.

New Documents added to Hamwatch Section

A recent Amateur Radio Newsline¬†article has generated interest in Radio Relay International’s National SOS Radio Network and Hamwatch programs. These closely related programs are part of an integrated approach to leverage FRS and GMRS radio communications assets to build organic and responsive networks and relationships, which extend into the neighborhood and community service level. The […]