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Affiliated Net Index

Affiliated Net Information V5 Sept 2017

Traffic Net Directory

Traffic Net Directory 15 Jan 2019

Training Materials

RRI Training Manual TR-001

RRI Introductory Training 2018

NSOS Hamwatch Introductory Training 2019  TR-003

Portable Emergency Communications Training 2019 – TR-004 Draft

RRI TR-005 Phonetic Alphabet Training

Radiotelegraph Net Training for Beginners – Part One. An older audio file, but the content remains applicable today….

Radiotelegraph Net Training for Beginners – Part Two. A continuation of the above audio file containing primarily examples of radiogram transmission.


Traffic School Session One (2012) – Kate Hutton (K6HTN) presenter. Predates the creation of RRI, so some of the terminology has changed, but the fundamentals are very useful.

Traffic School Session Two (2012) – Continued.

Traffic School Session Three (2012) – Conclusion.

F.C.C. Filings

Reply to Comments RM-11708 in support of regulatory approval of the Pactor 4 waveform.

Reply to Comments RM-11831 in support of ARSF request to dismiss RM-11831.

Field Manuals

Traffic Operations FM-001 (Interim) 2017 FINAL

Technical Manuals

TM-051 Digital Address Scheme for International Traffic

White Papers


WP-02: IATN Evening Trunklines Protocol

Radiograms (Last updated Feb 21, 2018)

Radiogram Form 1602 (with lines)

Radiogram Form 1603 (unlined)

RRI Radiogram form 1801-A Final Approved

RRI Radiogram form 1801-B ACP Final Approved

RRI Radiogram Form 1801-Christmas

Radiograms in ICS-213 format

Form 1701 ICS-213 NO LINES

Form 1702 ICS-213 NO LINES

Form 1703 ICS-213 WITHOUT RULED LINES – fillable

 Form 1704 ICS-213 WITH RULED LINES – fillable

Operating Aids

TRAFFIC OPERATIONS AID 1720r3 “The Pink Card” (8 May 2017)

National Communication Strategy

NATCOMSTRAT2017 overview r1

National SOS Radio Network Flyer


Digital Operations

Eastern Area (DRAFT) Terms of Reference

Central US RRI TOR v6

Western Area Staff Terms of Reference 2016v6

Articles of Incorporation


Expanded Affiliation Policy Approved v2

Emergency Exercise Announcements

Announcement – 2018-Q1 Exercise

Announcement – 2018-Q2 Exercise

Announcement – 2018 Q3 Exercise – Earth EX

Exercise Bulletin Navy Medical System 5-Sep-2018

Exercise Bulletin – 2 Navy Medical System 6-Sep-2018

Exercise Evaluation Reports

CRE Evaluation Report Final 2016-7-11

RRI – REACT ALERTEX-A 2018 Exercise Evaluation

RRI 2018-Q1 and Q2 Exercise Evaluation

REACT Traffic System Information

REACT FOG July 2018

REACT Liaison Instructions 2018-7-21

Order Forms – Order official RRI Items

Radiogram Enclosed Stamp Order Form

Emergency Operations – Current

BULLETIN – Tropical Storm Dorian 281128Z Aug 2019

BULLETIN – Hurricane Dorian 301152Z Aug 2019

Emergency Operations – Past

BULLETIN – Hurricane Michael 091121Z Oct 2018

BULLETIN – Hurricane Florence 150029Z Sep 2018 Final

BULLETIN – Hurricane Florence 131221Z Sep 2018

BULLETIN – Hurricane Florence 101655Z Sep 2018

BULLETIN – Hurricane Lane 241228Z Aug 2018

BULLETIN – Hurricane Lane 281244Z Aug 2018

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Recordings of CW Nets 1993-1995 – MP3 Files

QMN (Michigan Net) 300300Z Nov 93

QMN (Michigan Net) 092230Z May 94

EAN (Eastern Area Net) 110030Z May 94

8RN (Eighth Region Net) 110130Z May 94

Army MARS CW Broadcast from WAR 100030Z May 94

42nd Armed Forces Day Message from AIR 1993

QMN-Late 220300Z Mar 1994

EAN 230130Z Mar 1994 Part A

EAN 230130Z Mar 1994 Part B

8RN 230045Z Mar 1994

8RN 230230Z Mar 1994

Historical Articles and Documents

CAN History 1949 – 1979 by K5RG – Interesting insights into the politics surrounding the creation of the National Traffic System.

Rules & Regulations, ARRL Operating Department, February, 1922 – From the files of James Wades (WB8SIW) – Interesting insights into traffic handling methods and the radiogram a century ago.

Michigan Radioist September 1922 – From the files of James Wades (WB8SIW). An early publication that provides some insights into Amateur Radio in the early ’20s. Includes some articles and references to traffic handling.

Michigan Traffic – An Early Recollection. This article by Don Devendorf (W8EGI) (SK) was prepared for the 50th Anniversary of the Michigan Net, QMN in 1985. He was a charter member of QMN, and shared his memories of Amateur Radio and traffic handling in the 1930s. 

The Birth of QMN & Origin of the QN-Signals. This article by Don Devendorf (SK) recounts the creation of the nation’s first spot-frequency traffic net in 1935 and the origin of the QN-signals four years later.

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