Greetings from the cold and still a small amount of snow land called New Hampshire. It is my privilege and honor to serve and work with all of you. I am only a Tech but have been a ham since 1993. Traffic handling is my #1 passion. I have only been doing traffic since March of 2016. I truly love collecting grid squares by radiogram.

We are currently in the process of putting together a uniform way of reporting all of the tons and tons of information that we have received. It was actually so much we had to hold back the Stats Section in our next issue of the QNI Newsletter (Apr 2017 / Spring ).

Part of this process will include a new Radio Relay International Honor Roll (RRIHR) combining parts of the existing PSHR and SAR as well as other new & fresh and even some old categories that will show how much time traffic handlers truly spend on their passion. Also a Gold, Silver and Bronze “Gram” Club for operators who reach special point totals, a Delivery and Originating award, a Monthly Traffic Master Award, The Supreme Traffic Master of the Year Award and a Hall of Fame for those special people that qualify for these “Gram” Club levels a certain amount of times.

We are also working on honoring our digital traffic stations.

In the meantime, Please send me your individual PSHR & SAR stats by RADIOGRAM, and Net Reports by Email which is lafrance26@yahoo.com. I will answer you.

We have so many amazing things coming up.

73 FOR NOW….

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